What is carbon tape?

Carbon tape is used for many applications. This material is everywhere. It has an important role in our daily lifes. But what is carbon tape it exactly? And for which applications is it used?

Carbon tape is a narrow width of woven fabrics. It has a width smaller than 300 mm. The tape is a reinforcement of carbon fiber. It is a flat material that only weighs one-seventh as much as steel for a given strength.


Carbon tape is recommended as a reinforcement where a stiffness in the 0/90 direction is required. The tape exhibit the same properties as woven carbon fiber fabrics.

Two types of carbon tape

There are two types of carbon tape:

Bi-directional tapes, called BD

Uni-directional tapes, called UD

Bi-directional carbon tape

Bi-directional tape has long lengthwise carbon bundles that are hold together by a thick carbon yarn. Bi-directional tape is available in 200, 250, 370 and 530 g/m2.

Uni-directional tape

Uni-directional tape is also made up of lengthwise carbon bundles, but is held together in weft direction by a thin yarn, like polyester or E-glass. Uni-directional tape is available in 125, 220, 250, 300, 330, 340 and 380 g/m2.

The width of the tape varies from 10, 25, 30, 40, 50, 65, 75 and 100 up to 150 mm.

Multifunctional material

Carbon tape is a multifunctional material and it is used for many applications. Mostly it is used for bar wrapping and tubes and for constructions to finish corners and seams. It also can be applied for automobiles, sports equipment and medical prosthetics


Carbon tape is used in automobiles. It is applied on internal components as instrument housings and seat frames.

Sports equipment

You see carbon tape in a lot of sports equipment, like golf clubs, tennis racket and even bicycles.

Medical prosthetics

Carbon tape is light weighted, waterproof and strong. Due to this properties it is the perfect material for medical prosthetics like wheelchairs and walking sticks.


Carbon tape is used in many high performance sailboats. You see this material in applications like poles and masts.