What are the benefits of second hand mini buses?


Buying a car is a life-changing decision, and the same can be said for buying a second-hand mini bus. Be it for business or pleasure, a second hand mini bus can be something that actually helps you to make money. Or, if you are buying a second hand mini bus for pleasure, there is still so much use you can get out of it. For some makes and model of mini bus, you might be required to obtain a special licence. You can find out if you need a special license or not by taking to the sales rep when you buy your mini bus. It is usually done by the amount of seats that are in the vehicle, and for some smaller models, you will be fine with a standard, full drivers license.

There are so many reasons to get a mini bus, but we have tried to list the best ones!

Bus inside

The size

Second hand mini buses are popular because of their size. Whether they are transporting people or cargo second hand mini buses are at that perfect size point that is above a car and below a lorry. You will need a special type of license to drive some mini buses, like a HGV license which you would need to drive some larger vehicles. You’ll find that you can flatten the seats in most of the second hand mini bus models, giving you the choice of carrying people or objects, or both!

They can be really economical

You might initially think that a mini bus is going to cost you a lot more than a car in upkeep and fuel, but this doesn’t have to be the case as some models of mini bus are very cost-effective. It is even a known fact that a standard mini buses fuel doesn’t necessarily increase to match with the size increase. If you were to work it out using the size-to-fuel-economy ratio you’ll find that they are fairly efficient. The insurance differs depending on how you are intending to use the mini bus. But as with the size-to-fuel economy ratio you might be surprised at how cheap insurance can be for a mini bus.

You can use it for haulage and removals

Realistically, if you wanted to start a removals or a small haulage business, all you would need to do is buy a mini bus. A second hand one would more than likely be your cheapest bet. The great thing is because they are sturdier than a standard car, mini buses last a lot longer, and they are victim to less wear and tear. So if you are thinking of picking up a mini bus for removals or a similar business that is designed to transport products from one place to another, then the inside needs to be quite spacious, but it doesn’t necessarily need to look great inside.


You can use it to transport people

Another reason you could be buying a mini bus that is second hand is that you might be starting your own taxi firm or private transfer firm. There are obviously insurance implications if this is a business you are going to start, but there is nothing to stop you from buying a second hand mini bus. In fact, some models have been kept so nice and clean inside by their previous owners, that people will probably think the mini bus is brand new.

A mini bus can be made wheelchair accessible very easily

A mini bus is one of the easiest vehicles in the world to make into a wheelchair accessible mode of transport. The main benefit of a mini bus over a car when it comes to accessibility is that the mini bus will automatically have more space in it for the wheelchair once you get it in. a lot of mini buses will come with wheelchair accessibility, and a benefit of buying second-hand is that if this is what you need it for, you will likely be able to shop around and find one that already has the modifications you need. A mini bus also usually has two choices, the side and the back entrance, so you are able to convert whichever one is easiest or cheapest on your make and model.